Installed like a giant strip of film, Monick’s photographs take the viewer on a sequenced journey through the shadowy, neon-lit nighttime hours of the streets of Los Angeles. As Monick drives through the night, he scans the city for the familiar blue glow of fluorescent light. Nocturnal coyotes, Nagle rip-offs in nail salons, bent newspaper boxes, psychic windows, absurd restroom hand dryers – neon lights and fluorescent beams seem to radiate out of the photographs, encapsulating the intention of his narrative. Each photograph is imperfectly wheat pasted onto wooden board and framed in steel, illuminated with light representative of deteriorating billboards. For Monick, these elements have always been the foundations of a city that so many people associate with glitz and lust. “A lot of Los Angeles has always felt very left alone,” he describes, “it buzzed incessantly below the fever dreams of its reputation. It’s changed...and change is good, but erasure is not.” There is a romanticism that comes with documenting this rapidly changing city.  The images are homages to not only what seems to be disappearing but also a celebration of perseverance. Every bodega, storefront, donut shop and dry cleaner that Monick has admired anxiously becomes his subject matter. “If I saw something, I used to make a note to return to shoot it at later date. Now its U-turns and ‘sorry I’m late’ as I am never sure it will be there tomorrow...with every image I feel like I say, ‘Goodbye to Romance.’” It is in this way that Monick’s photographs become a celebration of the esoteric and raw beauty of Los Angeles - Katherine Whitlock 2019

From April-July of 2019 Goodbye To Romance showed at These Days in Los Angeles and Commune Gallery in Tokyo. The exhibition was accompanied by a 58 page limited edition catalogue. The show was Co-Curated By Katherine Whitlock